Camtasia Review

camtasia review

If you are making any kind of videos or need the option to record your screen, a product like TechSmith’s Camtasia Studio may be something that may interest you. I use this product for my YouTube videos. In my Camtasia review guide, I will provide you with all of the information I know about this product so that you can see if it is good for you.

Camtasia review – What is it?

TechSmith Camtasia Studio is two products in one, a screen recorder and a video maker and editor. This product is capable of creating powerful, interactive, and professional videos that can be used for a wide range of projects such as the making of YouTube videos.

camtasia studio 9

Camtasia Studio does not have any limitations so it is a versatile product and arguably the best at what it does.

The latest release of Camtasia brought exciting upgrades to the software such as new callout options, improved sharing tools, and a completely updated user interface.

Furthermore, you no longer have to purchase a separate license for Windows and Mac. You know get the software for both Windows and Mac for the price of one.

Who is it for?

The simple answer is: For anyone that plans on recording videos and needs a product that is capable of recording your computer screen.

Because it is a premium product, it is important to see if you can find any value out of the software prior to purchasing it.

There are so many free products out there that try to do the same thing but fail miserably. Most, if not all of the free video recording products on the market have key limitations such as limited recordings and flexibility.

The Camtasia software is for those that plan on making YouTube videos, educational presentations, marketing projects, and sales presentations.

The software supports a wide range of file formats for importing and exporting videos and other projects.

What does it cost?

Camtasia is available to all Windows and Mac users. The new software update no longer requires you to purchase a different license for each operating system.

A single user license costs a one-time fee of $199.00. This single license gives you access to latest version of Camtasia for Windows and Mac.

camtasia price

If you are on an older version of Camtasia and can no longer update for free, an upgrade to the latest version costs $99.50.

Camtasia Studio offers discounted pricing for bulk orders.

Academic institutions receive a $30 discount and government institutions receive a $20 discount for purchasing the software.

Prior to committing to the software, everyone is eligible to try out the software free for 30 days.

Visit Camtasia to start your 30-day free trial >>

Camtasia Pros

I created many projects using Camtasia and while it is not perfect, the pros outweigh the cons by a long shot.

1) No limits on video length

This is one area that sets Camtasia apart from most other competitors out there, especially the free products that are available for download.

The software does not have a limitation on the length of videos or any other project created using the software. This is a major benefit of Camtasia as certain projects such as sales presentations can be lengthy.

I use the software for my product review videos and tutorials, so the length of my videos varies from a few minutes to hours. I needed a product like this mainly because others limit my recording time.

2) Capable of recording anything

As I mentioned earlier, the product is very versatile and has very few limitations on what you can record.

The software is capable of recording:

  • Computer screens
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Computer camera or webcam
  • Voice narration
  • Any other audio

When recording your computer screen or PowerPoint presentations, you can turn on your computer camera and be featured in the videos. For example, you can set the software to show a live recording of the presenter in the actual video. The presenter will be in the bottom right corner of the video for your viewers to see.

3) Editing videos

Whether you recorded the video using Camtasia or any other video recording software, you will be able to convert the file format and edit the recording using the drag and drop editor.

From editing visual effects to adding animations, you will be able to edit almost anything with Camtasia Studio.

The software goes above and beyond by enabling you to add interactivity functions to your videos (things like adding quizzes to keep your viewers engaged).

4) Importing and exporting

Camtasia supports .camproj, .camrec, and .avi file formats when importing and exporting projects.

All projects can be shared and transferred to multiple computers and locations. Screen recordings can be transferred from a PC to a Mac or vice versa.

5) Camtasia integrates well with other products

Because of the screen recording capabilities, the software will be able to record the usage of any third-party software.

Camtasia integrates flawlessly with Microsoft Outlook which is a must for presentations.

6) Publish and share to YouTube

Completed projects can be published and uploaded to YouTube, Google Docs, MyPlaces, and Screencast right from the Camtasia dashboard. This is very convenient and much easier than the sharing options found on other software.

Camtasia cons

The software is not perfect and has a few minor flaws that I do not consider deal breakers.

1) Camtasia requires software

In order to record videos and capture your computer screen, you have to download the Camtasia software which requires specific system requirements for Windows and Mac operating system.

As of right now, they do not offer a web based version of the software.

2) DV camera support

Camtasia does not support live recording from a digital video camera which may be a deal breaker for those that still use a DV camera.

3) Software updates

You only allowed to updates your software to a new version of your current version. For example, if you have Camtasia Studio 9 and version 9.2 comes out, you will be able to update for free.

However, if version 10 is released, you will have to pay to upgrade to the new version.

Do I get software support?

Yes, you will get unlimited software support for as long as you own the product.

You can contact their technical support department via phone, live chat, and email ticketing for any software assistance.

They provide you with a community forum where you can ask questions and find answers from other users.

Furthermore, there is comprehensive product training and tutorials section that you can visit to educate yourself on the software.

Camtasia review – Should I buy Camtasia?

It depends on if you really need this type of software.

If you need a product that is capable of recording your computer screen, creating and editing videos, then Camtasia is simply the best software on the market. No other software comes even close to the quality and versatility of Camtasia.

The biggest benefits of using Camtasia are the ability to create unlimited videos, publish videos to YouTube directly from the user dashboard, and powerful integration with Microsoft PowerPoint and other third-party services.

And the best thing of all is that you can try Camtasia free for 30 days without any commitments.

Visit Camtasia to try it free for 30 days >>

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